Villa's Tae Kwon Do was founded in the year of 1996 in the city of Montebello, Ca. Under Master Octavio Villa bronze world medallist. His first students where his two sons Gus and Damian Villa. Since 1996 Villa's Tae Kwon Do has been helping students obtain guidance and teachings from Master Villa to create a better future for themselves in Tae Kwon Do and their personal life.

     Throughout all these years Villa's Tae Kwon Do has been the home of top level athletes that have excelled at the national level and international level in the United States and Mexico. We have accomplished great feats such as Medals from Pan American Games, Youth Olympic Games, Youth World Championships, Senior World Championships, many International Open Tournaments, as well as having 2012 Olympic Games alternates and prospects towards 2016 Olympic Games. 

        We are a family based organization in which Master Octavio Villa has passed on his knowledge to his two son and two daughter. Master Gus Villa is a 5th Dan Black Belt recognized by the Kukkiwon which is the global governing body for Tae Kwon Do certification. Under his belt he has accomplished to win 2 USA National Tournaments and 4 Mexico National Tournaments, plus earned his place on the podium at 5 other Mexico National events. Master Gus has Represented Mexico at 2 World Championships and 1 Pan American Championships; furthermore winning multiple International Open being one of the best competitors from Mexico from 2009-2014. 

     Master Damian Villa has represented Mexico since 2008 and in 2009 defeated the Olympic Gold Medalist to earn his place for 2009 World Championships where he fought his way to the silver medal. Damian has also obtained his place in the podium at regional continental and intercontinental events such as Pan American Games 2011 and Central and Caribbean Games. Currently won the Bronze Medal at 2013 World Championships.